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Dear Affiliate Marketer,

What I'm about to say will make some of my Internet marketing friends a bit angry. But frankly, I don't care...

You see, I truly believe that anyone can make $1,000 or more every week on the Internet. In fact, I can show you how to make your first $1,000 online in as little as 30 days!

And if that's not crazy enough...I'm going to let you test-drive my system for yourself - completely risk free - and give you all the support you need to build your online business fast...

You see, I have developed a proven system that is so powerful, you can easily create a successful cash-generating business in the next 30 days or less.

And the best part is...you can start immediately without the headaches that come with a traditional Internet business...

You DON'T have to create a product of your own
You DON'T have to build a complicated website
You DON'T have to take orders or process credit cards
You DON'T have to handle refunds or customer support
You DON'T have to invest huge sums of cash to get started

You don't need any of that...

Imagine what it would be like to open your mailbox and see checks for $500… $1000… even $5000 or more. It can happen! In fact, ordinary people from all over the world are generating part-time and full-time incomes online.

All From Totally FREE Websites That Do All the Selling for You…24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week – Even While You Sleep!

Most people who are first getting started online think making money is complex and difficult. They think that the only people who are really successful are the ones who create and sell their own products.

That's totally untrue...

Don't get me wrong. You can make a lot of money selling your own products. But if you're just getting started, you need something simple and proven to work so you can prove to yourself that it really is possible...

The truth is...making money online - even a lot of money - is NOT that complicated. You can easily make $1000 a week (or more) online selling other people's products

And I'm about to show you how...

Did you know that there are thousands of companies online that will pay you 75% commission (or more) for every customer you send to their website?

You can make $25, $100, even $500 on every sale without ever owning a product. It's called affiliate marketing and it's simple...

  1. You refer people to a merchant's website.
  2. If they buy, you get a cut of the profits.
  3. You get a check in the mail every two weeks!

I told you it was simple. :o)

Big Companies Throw Millions of Dollars Every Year at People
Like You and Me to Drive Traffic to Their Websites...

Why? Because they don't want to take the time to learn how to generate traffic on their own and would rather pay us to do the work for them.

It's really a win-win situation...

They get all the visitors and sales that they need...and you get to make easy money while someone else handles all the selling, order processing, and customer support.

You just generate as much traffic as possible (I'll show you how to do that) and earn MASSIVE checks for your efforts. 

I've made a fortune online selling other people's products and I truly believe that there’s no reason YOU can’t experience the same success that I have…

Because I have  written a manual detailing EVERYTHING I know about making money online...even if you don't know how to create a simple website. It's called…

"Affiliate Cash Secrets™ -  How to Build 
Your Own Automatic Money Machine"

For the first time in Internet history, you have a chance to level the playing field and join the elite 3% of all affiliate marketers who actually make a living online.

I've created an affiliate marketing system that's so powerful yet surprisingly simple...you're going to laugh when you grasp it's full potential.

And the cool thing is, you really don't have to know a thing about Internet marketing to get started...

Just follow the simple steps that I clearly lay out for you and you'll have your first automatic money machine set up in no time!

Nothing you have ever seen or tried before works like this powerful, automated marketing system to create such a huge income online.

But don't just take my word for it, click the play button below and listen to what some of my clients had to say about the Affiliate Cash Secrets™ cash-generating system:

"I Have Made Over $5,000 Every Single Month Since I Found Affiliate Cash Secrets"
"Affiliate Cash Secrets was the very first system I chose after spending many months online determining what would replace my six figure income that I lost unexpectedly in 2005. I always point to 'ACS' as the product that saved my life and my family.

We got to keep the car, the house, the insurance, you name it... because Affiliate Cash Secrets provided the foundation and step-by-step instructions that allowed me to succeed wildly at Internet Marketing. The way Derrick does all the promotion 

FOR YOU will be the kick start you need to make big bucks and build a large list in just a few weeks. This is the product I recommend more than any other in Internet Marketing. Make It So!

Todd Gross, Boston, MA

"The Most Amazing, Freakin' Fantastic System for Newcomers to Finally Get Serious..."

"I have been researching ALL the different Internet marketing programs from ALL of the most respected masters of Internet marketing. People like Mike Filsaime, Rick Schefren, Joel Comm, Shawn Casey, Ewen Chia, Tellman, Alex Mandossin, Mark Joyner, the list can go on and on. 

Yes, they have good programs but not great enough for new people. I am selecting Affiliate Cash Secrets as the very best 

system. You put together the most amazing, freakin' fantastic system for newcomers like me to finally get serious about GREAT Internet marketing. This is THE SHINING STAR from all the rest, it is outstanding and it is very evident you put strong dedication into it. It is exactly what I have been looking for! Great work man!

Rick Clynes
Toronto, Ontario, CANADA

"Affiliate Cash Secrets Really Works!"
"Don't give up and don't give in." I kept telling myself that after months of researching and working on the internet. Yes, I really want to make a LOT OF MONEY with a Home Based Internet Marketing Business...and I WILL!!", was my confirming thought each day.

Then I found Affiliate Cash Secrets. I knew immediately, THIS WAS IT!! A system that will help ME make money online 24/7. The Affiliate Cash Secrets...System...really works!!

Affiliate Cash Systems teaches you how to market affiliate products and expand your subscriber base in a short amount of time. It shows you the correct and ethical way to make money as you provide valuable products and services to your subscribers.

Winston Carhee, Sr.
Atlanta, Georgia


Here's just a small taste of what you'll have instant access to in just a few minutes:

  • Why big-time marketers are keeping you in the dark. It's sad, but most of the "how to make money" ebooks out there only teach you how to make short-term profits (and there's a greedy reason for their actions). 
  • The "real" secrets to building a successful online business that generates consistent income whether you work or play.
  • The biggest mistake you can make as an affiliate and one simple change that will literally make the difference between success and failure.
  • How to get insider information on new product launches and time-sensitive offers - even if you're not one of the "big boys."
  • My tested and proven business plan that even "lazy" people can use to generate passive cash from the Internet…
  • How to profit from people you send to other people’s websiteseven if they leave without buying!
  • The three traffic generating strategies I use to drive thousands of targeted visitors to my websites every month. These methods alone can literally take your business to the next level ... 
  •  And much, much more...

Plus you'll get step-by-step tutorials that show you exactly how to set up your first automatic money machine - even if you're starting from scratch!

  • How to choose a profitable market. Let's face it, not all markets are profitable. But I'll give you my secret formula for determining, in a matter of minutes, whether or not a market is worth pursuing.
  • How to easily create a free PDF report to give away as bait to people who subscribe to your list - even if you can't write.
  • How to create a stunning squeeze page. I'll even give you an entire squeeze page system that you can customize and upload in minutes!
  • How to write convincing followup messages that pre-sell your subscribers and turn them into buyers almost as if they were under hypnosis.

And if that's not enough, I've also included a two bonus sections for the real "go-getters" who want to take their business to the next level. Originally I had planned to compile this information into a report and sell it separately for AT LEAST $47.00, but for a limited-time I’m including it in the Affiliate Cash Secrets™ System totally free of charge.

You will learn...

  • The secret to promoting big-ticket items and how I made $12,813 in two days...with only 30 minutes of my time!
  • Covert affiliate tactics. Warning: even though these techniques are extremely profitable, they could be considered controversial. So use them at your own risk...

I'm only making these bonuses available to the first 500 people. Once those initial spots are gone, I will pull these sections from the course until further evaluation.

If I determine that the wide-spread use of these incredibly powerful tactics are not hurting my own affiliate marketing business, then I MAY re-release these bonus sections at a later date (but I'm not going to make any promises).

To be honest...

Affiliate Cash Secrets™ is simply the most complete, well organized system for teaching anyone how to start a profitable online business - no matter what you've tried before.

This is 100% Original, Fluff-Free Content

I don't know about you, but I hate products with hundreds of pages of useless information written by ghost writers who have no first-hand knowledge of the subject. All I really want to know is "Here's what works..." and "Here's how to do it..." I want step-by-step, NO BS information - and that's exactly what I deliver here.

The core training manual covers EVERYTHING you need to know in just 71 pages, so you can read it in one sitting and get started TODAY. And that's just the manual. What I failed to mention is that this system also includes the…

Quick Start Package With Branding Rights ($97 Value!)

Can you really build your own cash-generating online business and be on you way to making your first $1,000 in as little as 7 days? Yes you can! And "The Quick Start Package" will show you how. Follow my step-by-step tutorial and you will have your first Automatic Money Machine up and running in 7 days or less!

You get a ready-made squeeze page system with followup emails and two viral PDF reports that you can brand with your affiliate links and give away to your subscribers for automatic leads, traffic and sales!

If you're looking to make some quick cash online, you definitely want to take advantage of the Quick Start Package. It's the absolute fastest and easiest way to make your first $1,000 online. 

But that's not all. Because you'll also get...

Free Instant Access to the MM1 Elite Membership ($141 Value)!

Because I want You to have only the best tools, you will be granted full access to the MM1 Elite Membership Level for an entire 3 months. This membership includes everything you need for your online business success.

The MM1 download area contains answers to ANY questions you have about internet marketing and it is periodically updated with new material to help you build your internet marketing business fast. As long as you're a member of the MM1 membership, you'll never have to buy another internet marketing ebook again.

You'll have access to the MM1 member’s area IMMEDIATELY following your order!


I've been making money online since 1997. My system works like gangbusters, and I have well over one hundred testimonials to prove it...

"I Just Wanted to Take This Time to Say Thank You for Such an Awesome Product"
"Hey Derrick,

Wow! What an amazing product. I've been a member of Affiliate Cash Secrets for months now, and I just want to take this time to say thank you for such an awesome product.

What really caught my attention about the product was your way of cutting through all the crap and getting straight to the point.

And with all the hype and the noise that's out there today on the internet that really meant a lot. 

So ... Congratulations one more time...

David Pereira
El Cajon, CA

"With This System, Success is Guaranteed"
"Hi Derrick,

I have been a member at ACS since the beginning and all I can say is WOW! For the beginner it is a must and for experience marketers it saves a lot of work. With this system, success is guaranteed.

Thanks for a complete and wonderful solution.

By the way, English is not my first language. For a non-English speaking marketer this is a dream come true.

God Bless,J. Torres
Canovanas, PR USA

"Now That's What I Call Real Help"
"Hi, I can't remember how long it is now since I have been trying to make it and build a list like all the so-called Gurus want us to do. But I have found that I've just wasted a lot of time. 

With the Affiliate Cash Secrets, you do have help, real help and most importantly its a One, do this, two, do that, three = stay focused etc. 

Now that's what I call real help.

Derrick always gives or furnishes an answer for us.

You just can't miss with Affiliate Cash secrets. Get the whole kit NOW.

To our success!

Paul McGregor
St-Eustache, Quebec

So How Much is This Going to Cost?

Let me ask you this...what would it be worth to have an expert affiliate marketer help you build a business that's practically guaranteed to pull in massive profits? And then have instant access to everything you need at the push of a button?

I'd say, "Priceless."

In fact, if I were you, I wouldn't hesitate to pay $197.00 for this invaluable information. And considering everything you get...and how much time and money I've invested, that really is a bargain.

The fact is, if you implement the steps I lay out in the Affiliate Cash Secrets™ training manual, you will make money. But YOU won’t pay even 1/10 of that amount. Your one-time investment for this incredibly system is only $97.00 $47.00 $27.00.

Put your eyeballs back in their sockets. You're not seeing things, and I'm not crazy. But...

This is an *Introductory* Offer and The Price Could Increase at ANY TIME - Without Warning...

I'll be raising the price to at least $47.00...and sooner than you think. In fact, by the time you press the order button below, it could already be too late...

You're Getting a Turn-Key System For Pennies

I'm giving you a complete turn-key system with all the tools and information you'll ever need to build a successful online business from scratch and make your first $1,000 online.

Tired of jumping from program to program and never making a dime? It's time to pick your self up off the ground, forget about the past and take action...

100% Risk-Free, Put Up Or Shut Up Guarantee

Try the Affiliate Cash Secrets™ marketing system 30 days. If you're not convinced that my system is worth at least 10 times your investment or you aren't 100% satisfied, for any reason, simply let me know and I'll issue you a full refund. You either make money or you don't pay. It's that simple.

If you follow all the steps I lay out for you and have your system up and running within 30 days from today, I guarantee you'll be well on your way to building a $1,000 a week business.

YES Derrick! I Want Affiliate Cash Secrets™ Right Now for Just $97.00 $47.00 $27.00!

I Understand That I'll Receive All of Your $1,000/Day Super Affiliate Marketing Secrets. And since I'm one of the first 500 people to respond, I also qualify for the Two Bonus Chapters that will take my business to the next level. 

I also understand that I'll have Instant Access to the Quick Start Package including a squeeze page system, email followups, two brandable ebooks, and a step-by-step setup guide. 

Plus I'll get free instant access to the ACS Insiders Club™ for 30 days where I'll get priority support and training by qualified professionals to help me get started online.

I'll also get free instant access to the MM1 Elite Membership Level for 90 days where I'll get the latest internet marketing products written by well known marketers to further help me to get started online.

I further understand that I have a full 30 days to try the system totally risk free and get every penny back if I'm not 100% satisfied, for any reason.

Your order will be processed over safe secure servers.

 Do you know what I love most about this business? Freedom...

...Freedom to work where and when I want...freedom to take the day off and hang out with my kids on teacher work day...freedom to be my own boss. You see, I run a one-person business that I can operate from anywhere in the world, and I make more lounging around the house than most doctors do working 10 hours a days at the office.

I haven't had to go to "work" since 1997... and I would never go back. Now it's your turn to join me and make a decision that you are going to join me before the chance disappears from your grasp...forever.

To your affiliate success!

D Van Dyke &Anders Eriksson, MakeMoney-1.com

Contact: Help Desk

P.S. Remember, your success is guaranteed. If you're not convinced within 30 days that your membership is worth at least 10 times your investment, I insist that you get your money back. But, you won't succeed unless you take action...

"Affiliate Cash Secrets Has Taken the Mystery Out of Making a Living Online!"
" Every once in a while, a really 'big' opportunity comes along. This is such an opportunity. Derrick took me by the hand and put me into a ridiculously easy 

turn-key program that can realistically provide me with a five or six figure income part-time, and even more full time. All from the comfort and convenience of my home.

Affiliate Cash Secrets has taken the mystery out of making a living online...

You have taken us behind the scenes...and opened up a once hidden door and given us the secrets no one else seems to want to give.

I really like the tools you put into my hands to help me start making money...you give me a capture page...audio and video...And I don't have to wait a month to get it.

Affiliate Cash Secret is NOT 'multi-level'. Although I have the potential of having hundreds or even thousands of like minded entrepreneurs working for me through their proprietary marketing program.

It may sound too good to be true, but it is Not ...

And Derrick PROVED IT TO ME!

If you are looking for something you can do from home...Something that could bring financial benefits...Affiliate Cash Secrets is what you want."

Donald Moore
Troutman, NC

"I Particularly Like the High Payout Rate..."
"This system is extremely thorough! Virtually eliminating the competition.

I particularly appreciate the systems high payout rate. As well as the support given when I needed it the most.

Stuart Anderson
Los Angeles, CA

"ACS is the Comprehensive, No-Nonsense Package I Have Been Looking for..."
"Affiliate Cash Secrets is the comprehensive, no-nonsense package I have been looking for... to help me organize all my affiliate activities, track results, and have all the tools I need at my fingertips. 

This is an awesome product. I have only been using it a short while and have already improved my results by more than 40%.

Nancy Boyd
Briarcliff Manor, NY

"Your Program Made Me Stop Procrastinating and Taking Action Toward My Future."

Your program made me stop procrastinating and taking action toward my future the minute I signed up. I realized I had been constantly finding more information and not using it to make money.

For the first time since my car accident I now see and believe I can go gold over the internet like my picture. My wife needs me to succeed in making more money.
Clarence Doggan
Forney, Texas

"I Was More Than Surprised at The Amount of Info That Was so Simply Presented..."
"When I decided to check out Affiliate Cash Secrets I wasn't sure what to expect. But rather than find another overrated hyped up piece of clever copy write that made lots of claims but didn't deliver - I was more than surprised at the amount of info that was so simply presented and easy to follow. I am by no means an internet guru but have had no difficulty following this program. 

Do yourself a favor and check it out today!

Debra Lyn
Nanjing, Jianye

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